How Can Facebook Ads be a boon to Your Blog Content?

How Can Facebook Ads be a boon to Your Blog Content? post thumbnail image

When it comes to social media platforms, they serve as an excellent tool for promotion of your business. Facebook has grown immensely popular among internet marketers. Facebook Audience Network reaches 1 billion people every month. Since Facebook has access to a lot of user data and pattern of search, they serve as a very precise mode of marketing.

Australian Internet Advertising is a FaceBook ads agency and is one of the very few Verified Facebook marketing partners in Australia. Their focus, unlike other agencies, is not on likes and comments. They focus on creating a Facebook Ad campaign that is financially rewarding for your business. If you are looking for someone to manage your Ads on Facebook, you must consider AIA.

Benefits of promoting content on Facebook-

1- The cost-per-click prices of Facebook Ads are much less when compared with other paid ads platforms. This is beneficial when you are tight on budget but want to increase the revenue.

2- The multiple targeting options which are available on Facebook ads let you reach the majority of the potential buyers.

3- The organic reach of the post can be increased by manifolds by paid promotion campaigns.

4- The promotion campaigns on Facebook are easy to set up and manage. This saves a lot of time and energy.

Strategies While Using Facebook Ads-

1-    Share content on Facebook posts- before you jump into paid Ads campaigns, you must optimally utilize the free resources available. You should start with promoting content on Facebook by posting links to articles on the Facebook page of your brand. This can easily be done by pasting the copied URL of your article in the Facebook sharing box.

Ideally, your post will reach 2% of the total number of people who have liked your page. 2% sounds very small figure, especially when the total likes of your page are less. However, this small figure is substantial when you start with paid promotions because the success of your ads campaign will depend on the credibility of your content.

When people like your content, it adds value and credibility to your post. It is a common tendency of users to believe in that content that has more likes. These initial likes can be garnered by sharing the content among your teammates and asking them to share it among their family and friends.

2-    Boost the post – the easiest way to promote content on Facebook is to boost your posts. You can do this by simply setting up a budget, selecting the targeted audience, and click on “Boost Post”. It is advisable to set the campaign only for one day on a low budget. This way, you can analyse the working of the platform before spending all your money.

The most optimal time to boost the post is after an hour of posting the original content. You can use the ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ to conduct a quick check-up of the Facebook campaign. Three metrics will be displayed, namely, cost per click, click-through rates, and Cost per mil.

These metrics help you evaluate the cost of a person clicking on your ad, how well is the post performing in generating the interest of the targeted audience and how much does it cost you to be seen by 1000 users. If the campaign results satisfy you, you can move ahead with the next campaign with an extended budget.

If it does not meet your expectations, then you must sit back and analyse the post.

3-    Use attractive headlines- 89% of users never read beyond the headline of the article, thus, it becomes imperative that the headline of your article is such that it grabs the attention of every reader.

4-    Include images- Images play a vital role in Facebook Ads. You must create your own graphic images with high colour contrast to grab the attention of the user.

5-    Write a top-quality copywriting an irresistible copy/ boosted post description plays a core role in Facebook ads. After catching the attention of the audience, the description will play the deciding role as to whether the audience will move further by clicking on your post. To promote the chances of getting clicks, use the following tactics-

  • Use testimonials to substantiate your credibility.
  • Provide solutions to common problems.
  • Ignite curiosity of the readers.
  • Ask questions that captivate the attention.
  • Include a call for action.


You can easily generate high returns by promoting blogs and articles on Facebook if you follow a proper strategy of promotion. Marketing on Facebook is easy but it can be confusing initially. You must not give up if the results don’t show up, keep on analysing and modifying the post.

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