Difference Between Cannabis Derived Terpenes and Botanical Terpenes Used in CBD Vapes

Difference Between Cannabis Derived Terpenes and Botanical Terpenes Used in CBD Vapes post thumbnail image

Hemp flowers contain more than just cannabinoids. These contain aromatic substances, which are called flavonoids. Further, the terpenes are also present, which are quite beneficial and highly desirable. All the terpenes are not made equally and they differ based on the plants. You can find terpenes in Vape products to give the aromatic flavors while vaping.

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What are the terpenes found in Vapes?

Terpenes are the aromatic substances found in the cannabis plants. Many other plants also contain it with each of the traits different from others. Likewise, CBD products tend to smell different when it contains terpenes. The terpenes can be present in the vape cartridges also to give traits.

Purpose of terpenes to be used in the vapes

There are some primary reasons for using terpenes in vapes:

  • Terpenes are naturally flavored ingredients that have been established to be safe.
  • The aroma of the terpenes can be replicated with any cannabis flowers.
  • Terpenes come with unique benefits. Further, they have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Terpenes help to make CBD products even more effective. It makes the CBD smell and tastes better. CBD products can’t reach their full potential without the terpenes in them.

What are the botanical terpenes and cannabis terpenes?

The botanical terpenes are derived from non-cannabis sources. While the cannabis-derived ones are found directly in the cannabis Sativa plants. It is possible to derive cannabis from THC-rich cannabis, CBD hemp, etc. Deriving terpenes from cannabis is very expensive.

Difference between both the products

  • Purity

Steam distillation is the common method for non-cannabis plants. Furthermore, the botanical terpenes also leave processes to residual solvents behind. The cannabis traits are extracted from CO2 or other extraction methods. There is no mixing involved and both use simple processes.

  • Simple procedures

The botanical terpenes are created without any expert blending. The end products don’t replicate into any other products. Likewise, the cannabis-derived terpenes are easy to lift from the strain and drop for the product formulation. There is no blending required. Only the accurate properties are derived in this case.

Why are cannabis-derived terpenes better than Vapes?

The only purpose of terpenes is to make the vapes smell fruity and nice. Botanical terpenes might only get you part there. However, the cannabis strains only fully replicate the delicious smell you have been looking for. Including cannabis, terpenes are the purest and simplest way to taste terpenes in vapes.


Cannabis-derived ones are best for their quality and reliability. Even though botanical terpenes are also good, but not as much as cannabis-derived ones. Take your favorite strain line and put it in vape to get aromatic smell while smoking.

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