Guide to Promote Your Takeaway Business Efficiently and Sustainably

Guide to Promote Your Takeaway Business Efficiently and Sustainably post thumbnail image

Out of the very few businesses, which have flourished in the wake of the COVID-19 induced pandemic, the takeaway food business is one of them. Since people were being forced to stay at home and they could not eat out at restaurants and hotels, takeaway apps like Uber eat, provided a sigh of relief to customers.

Now that take away business is gaining traction it has become important that you make your place in the business as a brand or else you will be lost in the crowd. One of the best ways to market and promote your takeaway business is to get them delivered in customized delivery bags and packages, which are recycled and biodegradable.

Custom Earth Promos is a USA-based business that makes recycled custom shopping bagsIt is a great way to remarket for your brand. Besides that, it also adds goodwill to your brand that your brand is environmentally conscious and uses recycled bags instead of single-use plastic bags.

How to Sustainably Promote Your Business?

1-    Create an image of an environment-friendly business- today, everyone is aware of the environmental concerns but nobody is doing anything to abate them. In this scenario, everyone regards someone who is working for an environmental cause. People will always prefer a takeaway brand that is environmentally conscious. The “green credentials” make your business stands out from the crowd.

2-    Let them know how you are acting for the environment- it must be crystal clear to everyone that your business aims at sustainability. Thus, you must involve some information in your marketing campaign like how do you reduce and recycle the waste which is generated, where do you source the food from, the nature of packing material, etc.

3-    Invite participation from the customers- participation is a great way to spread your brand awareness. One of the popular schemes is to encourage the customers to recycle or reuse the packaging of the food. Offering incentives on this activity would be a great way to get maximum participation.

You can start schemes like cards which can be stamped at each time a re-usable packaging is used by the customer. After a sufficient number of stamps, the customer may be eligible for some freebie like a coke.

4-    Swap the old bags- many customers might not like the idea of using the same bag in multiple instances. Thus, you can offer them to exchange the old bag for a new one. Besides that, you should also include the marketing props like menus, brochures and other things in the bag which you give them for free.


Taking note of the environmental concern is the need of the hour. If we continue to exploit the environment at the same pace, there would be no environment soon. Your contribution can begin from using recycled or recyclable bags in the takeaway business. However, you must cleverly include them in your marketing strategy to kill multiple birds with one shot.

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