Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Better Impact on Your Online Marketing Campaign.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Better Impact on Your Online Marketing Campaign. post thumbnail image

Google Ads is a PPC [pay-per-click] online ad platform that works much like normal search engines: search a keyword and get results on SERPs [search engine result pages]. The result page will include organic listings as well as paid ads for the targeted keywords. It’s great for marketers because the first-page results on Google gets most of the traffic. Even so, spending on Google Ads does not ensure a top spot because you will possibly have many advertisers competing for the same keyword.

The Google Ad market is like an auction, where marketers bid for clicks. It doesn’t mean the highest bid will win. Besides the bidding amount, Google also considers quality scores to ensure a better user experience. Better ranking means high ad display in Google search results. Google rewards well-performing and high-quality ads campaigns with cut-rate per-click costs. Therefore, it is wise to hire reliable experts from Clubbish, an established company that handles social media marketing campaigns.

Steps to use Google Ads

  • Establish account goals because if you aim to use Google Ads for generating leads then the account features and structure are different from creating brand awareness.
  • Develop audience personas.
  • Conduct keyword research.
  • Structure different AdWords campaigns using videos, apps or display.
  • After creating relevant keywords, place ads in search results after bidding on keywords. High competition means high cost-per-click rates.
  • Create ad copy including relevant keywords, motivating headlines and ad extensions.
  • Create a mobile-friendly landing page.
  • Consider Google analytics for conversion tracking.
  • Regularly optimize your ad copies as well as landing pages. A/B testing often is also useful.

When done accurately, Google Ads are capable of driving quality traffic at more competitive costs than other advertising forms. Google Ads Management is an ongoing process that helps to maximize ROI and ensures that your ad budget is used for high-performing campaigns and keywords.

Facebook advertising is also available to entrepreneurs and businesses. Setting Facebook Ads is easy. It can be created through the business page, ad creation page, and ads manager [mobile app]. After Google, you can gain access to the second-largest visited platform. The social media giant can give advertising results faster for both long- and short-term online marketing campaigns.

Steps to use Facebook Ads

  • Choose a goal – Get more messages, promote business locally, etc.
  • Add creativity – Choose images, add text, and add a link to your website using ‘Learn More.’
  • Define your customer persona.
  • Set budget, bidding, and duration.
  • Determine where to post your ad – on Instagram or Facebook or both.

In several minutes, you can set your Facebook Ad Campaign. The types of ads to choose for Facebook include photos, videos, stories, carousel, collection, slideshows, and playable. As soon as your Facebook Ad Campaign is active, you must consistently monitor it to ensure optimum performance. Facebook Ads Management is challenging, but help from a professional social media marketing agency for guidance is crucial.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads, when blended into your online marketing campaign, is a great approach. You can leverage the strengths of both platforms. Nevertheless, you can even shift strategy and budget between both platforms.

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