Prevent Your Sinks From Becoming A Mess By Foreseeing Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Prevent Your Sinks From Becoming A Mess By Foreseeing Signs Of A Blocked Drain post thumbnail image

What could be a worse nightmare than having to deal with an overflowing sink or toilet on the weekend? Weekends are there to unwind after spending hours of work and now you have to deal with the stress and damage caused by a blocked drain. Finding an emergency plumber is yet another task on the weekend.

Blockages in pipes or main sewer lines do not happen overnight but build over some time. If you are wondering if there are ways by which we can recognize the blockage early so that we do not have to handle overflowing toilets on an emergency basis, the answer is yes. There are signs which if recognized on time can prevent such mishaps from happening on days when you just need some relaxation.

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Early signs that mean blockage build up in the drains

  1. Slow drainage:
  • If your sinks are taking a lot of time to get empty and if the water in your bathtub is creating a whirlpool motion, it can indicate drain blockage.
  • If left on its own, the blockage will increase over time until the drain completely stops the flow of water.
  1. Unpleasant smell:
  • Blockages are mainly caused by various forms of oils and food debris.
  • The decomposing debris produces a foul odor and usually signals a blockage.
  • The worse the odor, the more will the blockage.
  1. Gurgling sound:
  • This often reflects that there is a local blockage in the drain from where it is making the gurgling sound.
  • If more than one drain is gurgling at the same time, it can reflect main sewer line blockage.
  • The blockage traps air and when we use the drain, it tries to push through causing the drains to become noisy.
  1. Sewer water leaking out of the drain:
  • This indicates a blockage in the main sewer line.
  • You should call a plumber immediately to avoid this unpleasant water to flood your house.
  1. Lower toilet water levels:
  • Sometimes the toilet will show low water levels and at other times the levels will be normal at first, but when you flush, they quickly go down.
  • This is a sign of blockage.

If you see even one of these signs for a couple of days, it will be wise to get your drains checked immediately before the problem goes out of hand and you get to a point of facing a lot of inconveniences.

Blockages can quickly convert from small leakages to heavily overflowing sewage water into your entire house. While it is tempting to attempt to handle the blockage on our own, it can result in injuries and even burns from the harsh chemicals that are added to the drain cleaners that are sold in the supermarket. Let the experts do their job and evaluate the blocked drains to clear them before an emergency arises.

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