The Latest Bathroom Designs Of 2021 For Custom Homes – Know What Are They?

The Latest Bathroom Designs Of 2021 For Custom Homes – Know What Are They? post thumbnail image

Having a functional, relaxing, and convenient bathroom is essential in a home. A customized home means you can choose everything from bedrooms to bathrooms – depending on your need and preferences.

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The latest bathroom designs 2021

In this article, you can learn about a few latest bathroom designs that help you in choosing a perfect fit.

Consider floating vanity

Traditional vanities (wall-mount) contain a crisp line that gives a contemporary look. Also, they are a wonderful choice for wet bathrooms. They will have limited storage space but are customizable. These vanities save space, give an attractive look, and provide a lot of customized options. You can even add shelves and baskets for a decorative look in your bathroom.

Consider wet room bathrooms

These bathrooms give a spa-like feeling with open showers, waterproof decoration, multiple showerheads, and more. The main advantage of these bathrooms is they are planned to get wet. The water drains into the main drain (tiled area) of your bathroom. Advantages of wet room bathrooms are:

  • Gives a large look to your bathroom
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile option

Add integrated lighting fixtures for an elegant look

Adding lighting fixtures is a great idea to improve the appearance of the home. With the advancement of lighting technology, you can find various options to integrate architecture and lighting. Mirrors with lighting fixtures are one of the popular options available on the market today.

Create space for a tub

Although a walk-in shower is a quick to-go option – if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath soaking tub is an ideal choice. It is the latest trend, especially in the master bathroom. You can find a variety of designs that match your home decoration.

Choose large tiles

These days, large-format tiles are gaining immense popularity. They create an aesthetic appeal and impact the grout lines. Large-format tiles are the perfect option for the surroundings of the shower. If you pair them with natural-looking materials like stones, they give an elegant look.

Include quartz or marble

Marble is the evergreen choice for bathroom designs, even in 2021. Adding marbleized wallpapers gives glamour and luxury to the bathroom space. Bold designs and rich tone marbles make your bathroom an interesting space. Quartz is also an ideal choice to use over the countertops of the bathroom. These countertops will have warm, lighter finishes.

Use shapes

Tiles are the common displays in bathroom designs. You can use different shapes of tiles for an interesting aesthetic. Rectangular tiles give a clean and sleek look to the bathroom and scalloped tiles create a modern look.

Several integrations and advanced technologies such as smart toilets, faucets, touchscreens to control lighting, music, heated flooring, and many others are available on the market. Many renovation companies provide high-quality services to upgrade your home. Among those, choose the best one and contact today.





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