Must-Have Features and Functionalities to Create an Effective Website

Must-Have Features and Functionalities to Create an Effective Website post thumbnail image

While creating a website, the web developers from Jin Web Design Company Singapore make sure that the layout is SEO and user-friendly. Here are some crucial must-have features and functionalities to make a business website effective. Home page, website footer, about page, internal web page, and backend admin are the crucial pieces for creating an effective website. Each feature is important and if a single one is incorrect the whole user experience will suffer.

You have invested a huge number of resources to create a perfect website or blog with the hope to increase traffic and great customer satisfaction. So, ensure that not a single feature is ignored because just like a jigsaw puzzle the compiled end picture has to be perfect and not a disappointment.

Home page features

The homepage is the first element that users look at, so first impression matters.

  • Domain name – Create an easy and simple URL for visitors to find hassle-free.
  • Search/navigation bar – The search/navigation bar on every page helps visitors control their site experience.
  • Company name – Place company name high on the homepage, so that users don’t need to scroll for finding it.
  • Logo – Logos are visual graphics, which get imprinted on customers brain, so ensure it appears high on the homepage.
  • Description – Company tagline near logo or business name.
  • CTAs – Call to action has to be convincing and connected with a kind of incentive.
  • Images – Images are easy to process than plain text. Add image in the body or header.
  • Internal links – Homepage can be used to spur visitors’ curiosity and engage them for long on the website.
  • Testimonials – Include wonderful things previous users or customers said about your brand.
  • Live chat – This tool prompts users to communicate and you can offer top-tier customer service.

Website footer structure

Footer offers links, which helps visitors to navigate on other popular web pages.

  • Tabs & options
  • Social media icons

About page elements

The web development company Singapore ensures to dedicate a page of brand storytelling for dedicated visitors, who desire to gain more information about your business.

  • Map & address
  • Business hours
  • Contact form
  • Contact info
  • Biography

Inner web page highlights

Internal page linking depends on the products or services you sell and your strategy to draw traffic.

  • Media includes videos with your employees.
  • Employee bios leave an impression on visitors coming to your website.
  • A SaaS company will add a feature page to reveal its competitive edge in the market.
  • Categorize the product based on its features for better organization and update.
  • Case studies give visitors an idea of how your brand makes a difference in the life of past customers or how they benefitted.
  • The blog is a great marketing tool to attract traffic to your website. Ensure that the blog is well categorized, has a search function, and is interlinked. Add a hyperlink to the author’s bio. Include comment section in the blog.
  • Have an FAQ page, where common queries are answered, which will reduce responding to repeated questions.

Backend functionalities

To get a good kick start a good web design agency Singapore equips you with an –

  • Content Management System
  • SEO tool for optimization
  • Site analytics
  • Website hosting
  • Meta description

The above features and functionalities can help to create an effective website that is a search engine and user-friendly!

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