How Storage Services Can Help You Declutter Your Home

How Storage Services Can Help You Declutter Your Home post thumbnail image

There are many ways to reset your life at the beginning of a new calendar year. It’s a great time to renew or set goals in important areas such as health and relationships. But it also provides an opportunity to clear out clutter from our lives.

These are the main themes that will help you get started on your journey to organize storage that suits all your needs.

Avoid overwhelming: The biggest obstacle to decluttering your home is the feeling that it will be a big undertaking. This can lead to a lot of work being done late or even not getting started. It’s better to remember that this isn’t a one-day job and that it can be completed over time. Experts strongly advise that you not attempt to do it all in one go. You can see improvement by doing a little each day without feeling overwhelmed.

Use a timer: Using a timer that works for 30 minutes or one hour can be extremely helpful. Experts recommend that you start with five minutes. As long as the time is focused and uninterrupted, experts also recommend this. A timer will help you stay focused and prevent distractions from your task. It is helpful to set a time limit for yourself so that you can work only a small amount each day.

Divide and conquer: Decluttering can be done in one place. This gives you momentum. You should allow yourself to succeed in one area before you move on to the next. You can focus your decluttering efforts in one area at a given time, or one section of one room at a time. You can also use the one-at-a-time method by giving away just one item per day. For example, you could go through your house and take one bag to Goodwill every day or throw away one bag of trash each day.

Avoid These Mistakes When Decluttering Your House

Experts in decluttering or organizing find these common errors to be a problem all the time. Here are some examples:

Don’t buy until you organize: Too many people make the error of buying containers and bins before they get started on their decluttering. Only to end up with piles of containers and bins that only add to their clutter. Experts suggest that you first declutter before organizing anything. Next, you should organize everything you have. Next, you will need to purchase the containers that will keep your storage system organized.

Do not abandon any task: This is the momentum advice. It is important to focus on one task at a given time. Otherwise, you will end up with a pile of items that are not needed. Sort items that you want to give away or donate to your family immediately. Do not start a new project until you have completed the previous one.

It’s not a one-and-done situation: Decluttering will not change your life. The first step to creating a home system that works is decluttering. Still, you must organize the system by finding a place for everything and keeping it there. To keep things that are not in use every day, we recommend you install small storage units in your home after you have decluttered.

Storage Units: How They Can Help

Small storage units are a great way to organize your home. Chicago self storage will help you in guiding and organizing your home. There are four main categories of items you can store to keep your home clutter-free. These include seasonal items, mementos, and items that can be sold.

Documents: Bills and medical records are all files that require a home until they can be destroyed or thrown away. Bank statements and tax records should be kept for at least one year. You may also need to keep medical records for many years. It is better to store paperwork and file cabinets in a large storage unit than in an attic or garage where they might not be easily found.

Seasonal Items: Winter clothes, patio furniture, holiday decorations, and sports gear all have their seasons. These items don’t need to be stacked in garages or closets. They can be stored in a secure storage unit ready for the season.

Special Mementos: Everyone has items they want to keep even after decluttering. These items could be photos of babies, beloved albums, or special toys that we just can’t part. These items are a great example of what can be stored safely in small storage units, where they are protected against damage and loss.

Items to Sell: Sometimes, we don’t need the items that we don’t use but don’t mind selling. These items can be donated to friends, family, or Goodwill, preferably as soon as possible. Sometimes you may want to sell the items, either online or at a yard sale. These items will need a home until their sale, so a storage unit is the best option.

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