Never Go Out of Style with Home Interiors with Evergreen Brass Door Knobs

Never Go Out of Style with Home Interiors with Evergreen Brass Door Knobs post thumbnail image

The traditional homes owned by our grandparents had those sturdy brass door knobs, which were beautifully styled to match the home interiors. These door knobs faded in the recent past, but are making a solid comeback as the hardware of choice in many modern homes.

Brass is inexpensive and gives the entry doors and even the vanity pulls a unique style and personality. Without appropriate doorknobs, your house cannot get the finishing touches it needs even if you have spent your entire savings on perfectly carving the interiors. There is no better way than finishing the doors and wardrobes with brass doorknobs.

Access is a trusted online store where hardware from popular brands can be purchased at competitive prices in the USA. Their Emtek Door Knobs are not just exceptional in looks but also quality. Crystal, glass, porcelain, and other classic materials are available for a selection of doorknobs to match absolutely any type of home interior. Tailored products can also be found in their store to match specific requirements and décor.

The casting of brass began in 1846 and little was known about its properties, which are making this versatile material extremely popular nowadays.

The most important feature of brass is that it is a self-disinfecting material. In today’s time when the world is battling a deadly coronavirus pandemic, this property of brass makes it extremely precious when installed as a doorknob because it reduces the chances of catching an infection when touched by different individuals.

According to scientific research, stainless steel which is a very cheaper material when compared to brass retains bacteria for weeks, which die within minutes on copper and its alloy like brass.

Other benefits of brass doorknobs are:

  • Brass is corrosion resistant alloy.
  • Brass is a very durable material and can last for your life without requiring expensive maintenance.
  • Whether your doors are painted in black, blues, or greens, brass doorknobs are versatile enough to suit all these shades.
  • When you get your kitchen painted in all-white, brass knobs for cabinets can provide the contrast that it needs to make the kitchen look more luxurious.
  • You can buy brass in 3 different tones – Antique brass, bright brass, and satin brass.
  • The satin brass has a brushed-gold tone, which provides elegance to the place where it is installed.
  • You can get brass knobs in the form of a handle or a keyed door knob as per your preference.

Apart from brass, bronze and silver are also popularly used materials for doors knobs and other premium hardware installed in a home that speaks of class and luxury. They can be easily paired with light tones and produce exceptional results when used with bold tones like yellow, aqua, red, and gold.

However, you must always consider that the brass doorknob is of exceptional quality and is made while keeping the safety requirements of a home in mind. The newer brass hardware solutions are a little more refined to suit the modern home setup.

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