Simple And Quick Tips to Care for Your Body Jewelry

Simple And Quick Tips to Care for Your Body Jewelry post thumbnail image

When you’re building your body jewelry collection, remember to take care of them on a regular basis as this will help you to keep them shiny and beautiful over time. When it comes to body piercing jewelry, they might come in 14k yellow gold or white gold, or rose gold. They are also available in implant-grade titanium as well. The price of the body piercing jewelry depends on the metal you choose.

You must always choose the body piercing jewelry, which suits even the most sensitive skin. As you will wear this jewelry every day, you must be careful when choosing them. Otherwise, you may end up buying low-quality pierce jewelry, which causes several skin problems. Body pierce jewelry is one of the leading jewelry stores online, where you can find the best piercing jewelry. As all their products are safe for daily use, you can buy them without giving a second thought.

Mentioned below are some quick tips for you to find the best body piercing jewelry.

  • Check the customer reviews of different stores online for finding the best body piercing jewelry.
  • Choose the jewelry made by using hypoallergenic metals always.
  • Last but not the least compare the prices of different stores online and place your order. Remember, your first priority should be quality always when choosing jewelry.
  • Choose some solid jewelry if you are planning to use it daily.

Once you are done with purchasing piercing jewelry, you need to know how to maintain them. Otherwise, they might not last for a long time. In fact, they might lose their beauty over time.

How to maintain your jewelry clean?

  • You could use a mild soap solution for cleaning your jewelry. The reason for this is when you use soap solution that contains harmful chemicals, and they might damage your jewelry.
  • Once the soap solution is ready, put your jewelry in it and soak them for about 2 to 3mins.
  • Take the help of a new toothbrush to gently scrub your jewelry. Do this for one to two minutes. Once you are done with it, rinse your jewelry with water.
  • Pat the jewelry dry using a soft towel.
  • Once the jewelry is dry, you can put them on or store it in your jewelry box.

Avoid using perfumes on your piercing jewelry as they might cause damage to them. You must also remove your jewelry before doing an intense workout, as your sweat can spoil them. Certain types of shampoos and sunscreen lotions can also cause damage to your jewelry. The chemicals in the swimming pool water might also cause damage to your jewelry.

Which metals are perfect for daily wear?

Prefer either titanium or solid gold jewelry for daily use. Take them out once every 3 to 4 weeks and clean them. It is also important to clean your piercings well to avoid infections.

Choose the professionals always for getting tattoos and piercings. Piercing professionals are trained candidates, which mean they do their job perfectly. Moreover, you will not feel any kind of discomfort during the procedure by choosing a professional piercer.