What Should You Bring To Iquitos Jungle ?

What Should You Bring To Iquitos Jungle ? post thumbnail image

After much thought and preparation, you might be wondering what you should bring for your trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Your backpack will be filled with illusions and full of the desire for the amazing amazon. However, you shouldn’t forget the essential items to bring to An Amazon rainforest tour.

Mosquito Repellent Is The Best Thing To Bring To Iquitos

You must always have the mosquito repellent in your bag for the tour of Iquitos. Also, remember that you will be visiting the Amazonian forests.

The ideal habitat for mosquitoes is a lot of moisture and lots of vegetation. Their bites can be annoying but also very painful.

The repellent should be your friend in the Amazon. It is highly recommended to use it constantly. You will avoid getting bitten by other insects, in addition to mosquitoes.

You will be more than ready to try to avoid getting bitten if you have a mattress with a mosquito repellent net. We don’t know if this will suffice.

Cap, Sunscreen, And Sunglasses

We all want to look healthy and happy. We must not forget that the sun shines more strongly in regions close to the tropics.

You will be in full natural beauty and very exposed to sunlight. A “burn”, however, could ruin your trip. We recommend that you use sunscreen with a factor of 50.

To protect sensitive areas from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it is recommended that you wear a cap or headband and sunglasses.

Long Sleeves And Cotton Clothes

Even though it can be hot, we think we will feel cooler and more comfortable wearing a shirt with short sleeves or shorts. For a trip to Iquitos, we recommend cotton clothing. It is the coolest and most comfortable fabric for hot and humid areas.

These clothes should not only be light but also not too flashy. They must cover the legs and arms. This will prevent bites and possible rubbing with trunks or other plants.

Comfortable Flip-Flops And Shoes

It has nothing to do with walking on the streets or asphalt. You will receive water boots to use in the jungle because of the irregularities and humidity on the ground. We recommend you wear slippers to keep your feet warm and dry after the shower.

We are certain you’ll love taking a stroll through this charming city, as there are so many things to do in Iquitos beyond the jungle.

Cash Will Be Essential To Travel To Iquitos

You must remember that ATMs are only available in Iquitos, where you can exchange soles for dollars.

The tour payment in Iquitos in USD is in dollars. We recommend that you bring cash. If you don’t have any dollars, we recommend that you convert them to Lima or Cuzco. There you will get a better rate than Iquitos.

Remember that Iquitos, the largest city, has no access to roads. It is not worth the effort to visit the ATM in the next village.

Photo Camera

You will want to capture each of the landscapes and animals that you see in the Iquitos tour.

It is a good idea to bring a waterproof camera bag and an additional battery in case you are unable to charge it while in the Amazon jungle. You will not be able to charge it during the 3 to 4 hour period that the lodge’s generator generates electricity.

Water Is Essential For Travel To Iquitos

You will need to keep hydrated due to the heat & humidity.

Another must-have item for Iquitos when traveling is a water bottle or canteen. The lodge has drinking water fountains that can be used to refill your bottle. Current water is not available in all areas of the country.

You can also get water from lianas in certain areas of the jungle. This water is safe to drink.

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