7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Door Locks

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Door Locks post thumbnail image

A simple lock can make all the difference in whether your business or store is burgled or protected.

Setting up security measures that discourage burglars from trying to steal and burglary is the key to avoiding theft and burglary. A door lock that works well can deter burglars, but not all door locks work the same.

Keep this in mind as you read the following: The seven biggest mistakes when buying door locks

1. The Cheapest Lock

We know that not everyone has the budget for a door lock, especially if you need to do it quickly. A door lock is not only for your business security.

Door locks that cost less are usually made from cheaper materials and are less likely to last for years. They are susceptible to rusting, tarnishing, or weakening over time.

We recommend that you avoid common hardware stores and invest more in high-quality locks. Only trustable door lock sellers such as Selectlok Australia can ensure you get a lock that offers high levels of security. You may sacrifice quality in exchange for moderate or minimal security if you purchase locks from local chain stores.

2. How to Buy Complicated Locks

Many business owners make the mistake of buying locks that are too difficult for their employees to use.

While you may be interested in digital door locks with smartphone connectivity, it will not work if everyone is familiar with its operation. Installation of complicated locks can be difficult.

3. Not paying attention to weather conditions

It can be dangerous to buy a lock without taking into account the weather conditions in your area.

You won’t need to worry about the lock breaking or preventing you from getting into your building in extreme weather.

4. Forgetting Door Material

It doesn’t matter if the door lock you buy is high quality, it should be able to fit your door properly. Some locks are made for glass doors, while others can be used on solid core doors.

5. Only one door is protected

We recommend that all doors that open onto the outside have quality locks installed. This is because burglars can break into your back door even if it is secure.

To deter burglars, it is important to have a well-lit exterior. Door locks must be strong enough to withstand any force.

6. You forgot to lock your door

The most difficult thing about protecting your business is not locking it up at night after you have purchased a lock. You can fix this by making sure that employees are trained in how to lock the door before they go.

7. Don’t ignore existing accents

A modern lock made of stainless steel will look better on older doors that have brass accents. A lock that matches the hardware and accents of your door can make a first impression on a customer about your professionalism.

Take a look at your existing hardware and the design of your doors to get some inspiration.

If you have had many break-ins, it might be worthwhile to get a lock that is visible from your front door.

Door locks: Staying secure and stylish

It’s worthwhile to spend some time researching before you buy door locks. It is important to choose a trusted door lock vendor whom you feel comfortable giving your address and providing you with high-quality locks.

We recommend that you replace all old and weak locks on your front and rear doors. Consider an automated lock if you have trouble remembering to lock your doors.

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