Top tips for a successful house extension

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Are you happy where you are but need more space? Expanding your home is the best option! There are many ways to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

Get all approvals first

This is where experts come in. Depending upon the size, shape, and extent of your extension you may need planning permission. Don’t be alarmed. Although each council is unique, there is no universal rule that applies to extensions. It is important to find a designer who is willing and able to push the boundaries. You’ll find many design guides and information on council websites. They are there to ensure that architecture is used in your area and not destroyed.

Even though you do not need planning permission for an extension, it will need Building Regulations approval.

Talk to your neighbors

Get your neighbors on your side! It is often your neighbors that make or break you’re planning application. If someone objects to your plan, it can be difficult to overcome. It doesn’t take much to have a conversation with your neighbors. Simply show them the plan and explain why it is what you want. It will help them better understand your proposal, and they may be more open to discussing it.

Set a Budget

This may sound like an easy step towards your dream, but it’s very common to overspend for even the smallest projects. An even better idea is to send the designers’ drawings to Quantity Surveyor so that they can give an accurate cost.

Why is this extension needed?

People think they know the answer to this question, but there are many more options than space or budget allows. So the compromise is necessary. You can also work with a designer to create your dream extension. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young couple looking to start living together or an extended family that has lived together for many years. Every person in your home will require unique spaces. One person may need a quiet place to retreat to after a long day at the office, while the other might want to be close friends and enjoy a friendly atmosphere. Be sure to think about who and when you’ll use the space. Are you seeking an extra bedroom or a brighter, open-plan kitchen/dining space?

Take into account the setting and where it is located.

Designing your extension is influenced by the location of your house. There are two options: extensions that match or complement the surroundings, and extensions that are sympathetic to them. You can extend anywhere from a rural village or a suburban area. Use your surroundings to your advantage and create innovative designs that complement your surroundings. Are you near a babbling brook? Noisy train tracks? Do you see wildlife in the woods? What is the urban street scene like?

Research different materials

Material selection is key to extensions’ design. It is the material finishes that bring the structure alive. There are many options for extensions, and you can choose to make it stand out from others or to improve your home. You also have the option to work with multiple suppliers and manufacturers who all offer different services.

Choose the right builder

Building your dream home can be difficult if you choose the wrong builder. Research builders carefully, go to previous projects, and talk to them often (because it’s important that you can work with them). Review sites are a good place to start your research. A few local council panels have developed schemes within their boroughs that will help you make this decision.

Finding the right consultant or designer!!

This is the most critical part. Look for a residential architect who has years of experience so you can stand out from the rest and get the best extension for your street.

Look through the portfolios of work from many designers on websites. Be sure to look for awards. The recognition they have earned not only shows their creativity and experience but also proves that they are highly respected in the industry, which is an advantage for you the client.

Be honest with the designer to make the most of your experience. They will take your brief and turn it into a reality.  Nicholas Carpentry will be the best choice for house extensions Sydney as Nicholas Carpentry works hard to make home extensions and renovations that meet your needs.

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